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 On a side note, the class pool that is used by factories to represent null class loaders is configured on org.jboss.classpool.spi.AbstractClassPoolFActory. Currently it can be set by callling AbstractClassPoolFactory.setDefaultClassPool() and it can be retrieved by callling AbstractClassPoolFactory.getDefaultClassPool().

The problem is that, IMO, this nomenclature is not appropriate. Javassist uses default ClassPool to denote the classpools that is used by default on some operations. In my case, I'm configuring the class pool that is used to represent null class loaders.

Any ideas on how to name those methods? I thought on setNullClassPool or on setBootstrapClassPool
Notice that anyway we will have a gap with the SystemClassPool nomenclature, which is being used because this class pool is associated to the SystemClassLoader.


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