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Currently we have Jetty integrated as the web container to provide a HTTP based platform for our documentation and a simple management console.
The WARDeployer deploys .WAR files into the Jetty environment, but that is the scope of the integration currently.
If we want a "full" web + jca environment more work has to be done on the integration and especially the testing of the integration.
If you want to start on a Tomcat integration that would be great. There are a couple of points though
1. Jetty integration must be maintained - and hence there must be separate WAR deployers for each platform
2. There should be a test suite that test basic web applications (smoke-tests) -- currently there isn't one
3. There should be a test suite that test basic web / jca interaction
4. There should be different configurations - jetty+jca and tomcat+jca - for test suite and binary distribution
The key is to be a clean separation between JCA container and layers above, as web (JSP+Servlet) is just one "consumer" of JCA tech.


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