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Author  : Kabir Khan
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Running a very simple benchmark for deploying a 1000 beans of type Object with no dependencies or configured properties, i.e.
   protected List<BeanMetaData> setupContexts()
      List<BeanMetaData> beans = new ArrayList<BeanMetaData>(iterations);
      for (int i = 0 ; i < iterations ; i++)
         BeanMetaDataBuilder builder = BeanMetaDataBuilder.createBuilder("Bean" + i, Object.class.getName());
      return beans;

shows 85% of this time to be spent in the PreInstallAction. A similar test deploying 500 beans with dependencies in the wrong order (which we know from http://community.jboss.org/message/525809#525809 is very slow) shows 25% of the time spent in PreInstallAction.
Most of the time spent in PreInstallAction comes down to adding to and reading from the BasicMetaDataRepository.retrievals map, which hits  UnmodifiableScopeKey.equals lots of times (~2M times in the 1000 beans case):
   public boolean equals(Object object)
      if (object == this)
         return true;
      if (object == null || object instanceof ScopeKey == false)
         return false;
      ScopeKey other = (ScopeKey) object;
      Scope[] otherArray = other.getArray();
      return Arrays.equals(theScopes, otherArray);

I will dig into this tomorrow and see if this can be optimized somehow, and if it is a problem in MDR I'll open another thread for that.


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