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Last summer, we improved ScopeKey and introduced ScopeKey.getOptimizedKey() (which returns a UnmodifiableScopeKey).  Some background is also on the forums here http://community.jboss.org/thread/96979?start=15&tstart=1
Anyway, we switched to UnmodifiableScopeKey in some places and still use the mutable ScopeKey in others.  UnmodifiableScopeKey.equals performs faster when passed an UnmodifiableScopeKey, however there are still places that pass a mutable ScopeKey. 
One way to quickly find/fix the different code sites that call UnmodifiableScopeKey.equals with a mutable ScopeKey, would be to instrument UnmodifiableScopeKey.equals() to call Thread.dumpStack() whenever the mixed case is hit (so you know which caller to fix).  Or you could set a debugger breakpoint.  Eliminating the mixed class type calls to equals should help (see timing later in above thread).
Further changes to improve ScopeKey and UnmodifiableScopeKey are of course welcome.


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