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Thank you once again for your reply 
As you said, developed a test jsp to access the database and it is working fine. 
code for test.jsp is given here
<%@page contentType="text/html"
 DataSource ds = null;
 Connection con = null;
 PreparedStatement pr = null;
 InitialContext ic;
 try {
 ic = new InitialContext();
 ds = (DataSource)ic.lookup( "java:OracleDS" );
 con = ds.getConnection();
 pr = con.prepareStatement("select role_name from roles");
 ResultSet rs = pr.executeQuery();
 out.println("Loading the data from Database.........");
 while (rs.next()) {
 out.println("<br> " +rs.getString("role_name") );
 out.println("Closing the data from Database.........");
 }catch(Exception e){
 out.println("Exception thrown " +e);
 if(con != null){
} %>

But still my application is unable  to make the connection to the database... 
Now what shall i do to make it run??


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