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Fri Feb 12 10:23:26 EST 2010

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Author  : Kevin Halk
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Quick question - 
I'm auto-creating my JMS Queues used for my MDB destinations by using the jboss.xml descriptor <create-destination>true</create-destination>.
I can see in the JBoss start-up log that the Queues are properly started (and do in fact work).  I have even named them starting with /queue/ 
The question I have is that these Queues don't show up in either JBoss Console (under JMS Resources/Queues) or even the JMX Console (they don't show up in jboss.messaging.destinations).  What is the difference between my auto-created Queues and other Queues which appear in that list? How can I see my auto-created Queues to show up? 


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