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> validator/Main ra16inout.rar
Yes, but through shell scripts (validate.sh / validate.bat), which you meant 
The rest looks good.
1. The unjar should happen to java.io.tmpdir, and of course cleaned up afterwards.
2. The validator tool should reference the JCA API and our public API JARs so those classes always are resolved
3. Yes, this is shared with the deployer - so it should be moved to .deployers.common
4. Same as 3)
5. Correct
6. Corect
7. Correct
8. The output should go into files (current directory or directory specified by -output) - and an error code should be set if there are errors (System.exit(1))
9. A short description should go to the console (maybe we can add a -quite flag - if the user don't want that)
This would make a good first revision of the tool IMHO.


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