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My test case is a little bit too complicated to just hand over. It is one of the WSTX tests which is implemented in the XTS WSTX test war which is deployed to the maven repo along with the XTS release. The broken test is one of about 30 tests implemented in the war. These  tests only run as a complete test suite using a web form to drive the run and report outcomes. Also, you need to deploy the XTS sar wth the test war as the broken test relies upon communicating with 4 of the XTS services. To make it more complicated the problem does not show up reliably on every run as it is dependent upon the timing of the service requests.
I will see if I can create a simpler test which isolates the problem. I suspect it will be possible to improve repeatability by adding more threads to the mix.
And yes I am running my tests on the latest AS trunk so the WS version is 3.3.0.Beta3
I am not sure it is the same bug as JBWS-2681. The problem there appears to happen when ports are created. This problem happens when two independently created ports are used.
It also seems to me to be different to JBWS-2192 which appears to relate to using a single port for a series of Async calls. However, I guess that depends upon what is going on under the covers. One interesting thing about this case is that the error manifests when I am invoking OneWay requests. Is there something similar about how these requests are excuted and the way Async requests get executed which might be causing te problem?
By the way, I didn't mention this in the preceding notes but I occasionally saw another intermittent and unpredictable error on the server side. My server code employs an injected WebServiceContext resource. Occasionally, the service call falls over with a null pointer exception when attempting to dereference the injected context. I don't know if this relates to the same problem or is some other issue. Anyway, it also appears to be related to the parallelism involved in this test. Could the problem be that the same service endpoint implementation instance is being entered in parallel below multiple service requests? It is not clear to me what the JaxWS spec requires but I have assumed that each service invocation is executed using a newly created instance. Is this correct?


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