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Andrew Dinn wrote:
*Q: So, which way round does it work?*

I'm affraid this is another question for our JAX-WS EG 
We implemented https://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/JBWS-2486
because of *performance and lifecycle issues*.
There's @PostConstruct and @PreDestroy lifecycle requirement
in JAX-WS 2.2 spec that defines these lifecycle methods.
We had users who were complaining these methods were called
so many times, how many request came in, see:

However your usecase requires it to not be shared and be created instance per request.
This introduces real performance penalty that incorporates:
 * bean instantiation (calling constructor) (per request)
 * scanning the bean class for lifecycle annotations (@PostConstruct & @PreDestroy) (per request)
 * calling the @PostConstruct before method invocation (per request)
 * calling the @PreDestroy after method invocation (per request)
As you can see injecting WebServiceContext per request is really bad idea introduces in JAX-WS.
I'm really sorry I have to repeat it again, but *JAX-WS spec. is broken by design* 
This question needs to be clarified in JAX-WS spec.
PS1: I bet Sun RI also contains this reused service implementation we have.
PS2: JAX-WS endpoints according to JAX-WS spec are meant not to be used in concurrency scenarios 


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