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Author  : Kabir Khan
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Although this was a significant improvement, it is still a bottleneck in benchmarks/AS startup since isBeforeState() and isAfterState() are called so many times. They both need to look up both states in the map to get the individual indexes to be able to compare the indexes.
I am reworking MapControllerStateModel so that MapControllerStateModel.ControllerStateWrapper extends ControllerState, and to index the states set in the ControllerContexts by AbstractController so that when MapControllerStateModel is used it uses the ControllerStateWrappers directly which have the index there, meaning we don't need to look things up in the map. The results look good, but I also need to index the states stored in AbstractDependencyItems since they get passed in to Controller.getContext() which calls ControllerStateModel.isBeforeState() internally.\
Committed against https://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/JBKERNEL-99


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