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JBoss AS 5.1.0  autodeploys WARs, just like earlier versions did. If nothing shows up in the log, you are either placing the file in the wrong location, or the configuration has been changed to turn off, or deploy, hot deployment.
*"my file does contain a web/inf file."*
That is not what I asked. I asked specifically about web.xml.

   *"I'm placing the file in the correct directory"*
Unfortunately, statements like this do not help because they give no information. If you were in the cubicle next to me, I could come and see exactly what you did, in which case I would ask you to show me exactly where you placed the file, and I would look at your run statement to start the app server, and I would check on the exact version for JBoss AS (you are not by any chance running JBoss EAP 5???). However, I cannot come to your cubicle so I need you to provide me with specific answers. And somewhere along the line we will stumble across what went wrong, because like I said earlier, this should have worked (e.g., the WAR should have deployed).


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