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Implementing the idea highlighted above basically implies being able to install multiple webservice stacks at the same time in the AS. JBossWS-Native and JBossWS-CXF/Metro need to coexist at runtime and deal with requests depending on the kind of endpoint those are meant for.
In order to deploy multiple stacks on JBoss AS, we needed to:
* fx the deployment process: JAXRPC deployments need to go through JBossWS-Native deployers, while JAXWS ones need to be dealt with by JBossWS-CXF deployers. There's also some kind of intersection between the two groups, as JBossWS comes with some common features that need to stay centralized (the endpoint registry, for instance)
* ensure libs from the two deployed stacks can live together: this quite important speaking of WS as a *lot* of things depends on Service API loading: apart from JBossWS itself using that system for selecting the right stack implementation for things like the RequestHandler, the WebServiceContextFactory, the ServiceRefBinderFactory, etc. (which are different on different stacks), the META-INF/service/... is looked up at runtime for selecting the SOAPFactory, MessageFactory, JAXWS spi provider, etc.


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