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Tue Feb 16 13:47:04 EST 2010

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Author  : Emil Nilimaa
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We used JProfiler with both instances of JBoss and it seems our 5.1.0 was spending a lot of time in the mssql driver classes. So we went into our mssql-ds.xml and changed the datasource from <no-tx-datasource> to <local-tx-datasource>. This fixed all the slowness we had with 5.1.0.
My guess is that somehow this configuration lagged down JBoss with background processes or whatever so that simple method calls like the one i posted above also delayed because the CPU was busy.
Hopefully we can use the local-tx-datasource without problems (I'm not entirely sure why we used a no-tx in 4.0.3, but think it had to do with database connections never being released with the local setting).


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