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Author  : Kabir Khan
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Both of these fixes give problems when running the kernel tests.
Returning null gives a few errors similar to the ones in MDR's tests, i.e. always expecting component metadata to be non-null in AnnotatedMethodTestCase and AnnotatedConstructorTestCase. This one line fix in AnnotatedMethodTestCase (and similar in AnnotatedConstructorTestCase) solves the problem and all the tests in kernel modules pass.
   private Annotation[] getComponentMetaData(KernelControllerContext context, Signature signature)
      KernelMetaDataRepository repository = context.getKernel().getMetaDataRepository();
      MetaData metaData = repository.getMetaData(context);
      MetaData component = metaData.getComponentMetaData(signature);
      if (component == null)
         return new Annotation[0];
      return component.getAnnotations();

Returning NullAnnotatedElementMetaDataLoader.INSTANCE gives loads of errors in the jboss-kernel project, but they might be due to my NullAEMDL making some wrong assumptions, so I'll have a look at that.


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