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Author  : Hernan Rodriguez
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I have the same problem with Java Task nodes.
For example, I'm using the following model:
(java1, java2 and java 3 are Java Task. state1 is a State node)
When start the execution, this stop in "state1". Then, I resume the process instance. If "java3" throws an Exception the transaction is rolled back until "state1".
If "java1" and "java2" were successfully  completed.. why are rolled back?
It's possible commit the transaction after each node?. This is possible with "Custom Nodes", but I need do the same with Java Task nodes.
The source of the model is:
> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
> <process key="test" name="test" xmlns="http://jbpm.org/4.2/jpdl">
>     <start g="19,19,48,48" name="start1">
>         <transition g="33,-7" name="to java1" to="state1"/>
>     </start>
>     <state g="60,71,92,52" name="state1">
>         <transition g="13,-29" name="to java1" to="java1"/>
>     </state>
>     <java class="cl.pred.cmh.bpm.events.controller.TraspasoController" g="136,140,92,52" method="test" name="java1" var="respuesta1">
>       <transition g="2,-17" name="to java2" to="java2"/>
>     </java>
>     <java class="cl.pred.cmh.bpm.events.controller.TraspasoController" g="281,281,92,52" method="test" name="java3" var="respuesta3">
>         <transition g="3,-26" name="to end1" to="end1"/>
>     </java>
>     <java class="cl.pred.cmh.bpm.events.controller.TraspasoController" g="203,207,92,52" method="test" name="java2">
>       <transition g="10,-21" name="to java3" to="java3"/>
>    </java>
>     <end g="372,332,48,48" name="end1"/>
> </process>
Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.


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