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> mailto:max.andersen at jboss.com wrote:
> That file should only show up if you have right clicked it and chosen "Make Deployable".
> [...] 
> So this is actually all expected behavior.
I had the same thing happening and I most definitely did not click on any "Make Deployable" command (which is btw a very handy function  but that aside).
What happened is that I saved a resource from within Eclipse and later when I started up JBoss AS, it failed with errors. Upon inspecting I noticed the adapter had added the very resource that I just saved as a deployable artifact. On top of that, most other content residing in the same module as where I saved the resource has disappeared.
I also encountered a very similar thing. Instead of the resource I save being added as a deployable artifact, it happens to suddenly be the only thing that is deployed.
For instance, I have an ear with an ejb module and a web module. The web module contains a content directory with a tons of jsp files and directories. Suppose I have the files customer/edit_customer.jsp and customer/new_customer.jsp open in my editor. After I save those and start the server, the startup fails. If I then inspect my filesystem at the deployment location, I see that all the content of the web module is gone and only customer/edit_customer.jsp and customer/new_customer.jsp remain. The EJB module (where I didn't perform a save) as well as the files in EAR umbrella other than the web module are still intact.
This happened to me quite some time. I can't really put my finger on it to really determine what causes it. I'm using both a Mac and a Ubuntu machine and it happened on both. I also use JRebel, but since my trial license expired recently I haven't been using this, and yet this strange phenomenon happened again. I also tried with deployment inside the .metadata folder and directly into the JBoss AS deploy folder, but it both cases the problem occurred. It mostly seems to happen when the server is not running, but I also had it happening when the server in fact was running: it started up correctly, I could log-in to my app. Then I made a small change in one of our JSP files and a moment later messages started appearing in my log that stuff couldn't be found anymore. Again, the web module's content was nuked except for the file I just saved.


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