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> henk53 wrote:
> > mailto:max.andersen at jboss.com wrote:
> >  
> > That file should only show up if you have right clicked it and chosen "Make Deployable".
> > [...] 
> > So this is actually all expected behavior.
> I had the same thing happening and I most definitely did not click on any "Make Deployable" command (which is btw a very handy function  but that aside).
If you can show me how you got lines added to that file you found in .metadata without using Make Deployable (or use the Seam Wizard which does it automatically for the -ds.xml) I'll buy you a beer!
> What happened is that I saved a resource from within Eclipse and later when I started up JBoss AS, it failed with errors. Upon inspecting I noticed the adapter had added the very resource that I just saved as a deployable artifact. On top of that, most other content residing in the same module as where I saved the resource has disappeared.
>  <snip>
This a very different issue and much more serious.
If you can in anyway give us a way to reproduce this then that will be great - I've used the deployment for years and never seen this myself (but I have seen other reports about it, but we just never been able to reproduce it in any form ;(
I would really like to have a reproducable example!


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