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Author  : Kabir Khan
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Changing CommonAnnotationAdapter to not always create iterators improves things a little bit:
e.g. things like
       ClassInfo classInfo = info.getClassInfo();
-      for (Annotation annotation : retrieval.getAnnotations())
+      Annotation[] anns = retrieval.getAnnotations();
+      for (int i = 0 ; i < anns.length ; i++)
-         for(T plugin : getPlugins(ElementType.TYPE, annotation, null, annotationClasses))
+         for(T plugin : getPlugins(ElementType.TYPE, anns[i], null, annotationClasses))
             if (isApplyPhase)
-               applyPlugin(plugin, annotation, classInfo, retrieval, handle);
+               applyPlugin(plugin, anns[i], classInfo, retrieval, handle);
-               cleanPlugin(plugin, annotation, classInfo, retrieval, handle);
+               cleanPlugin(plugin, anns[i], classInfo, retrieval, handle);



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