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> petemuir wrote:
> The issue is that, as Weld uses the http session to back both the session and conversation context, if the backing for the EJB is a session object, then if the EJB is removed in less time than the http session, users get an exception when Weld responds to the http session timing out and tries to remove the EJB.
This somewhat comes back to our discussion about EJB3 providing a API to weld for managing session bean removal http://community.jboss.org/message/525610#525610
The proposed SessionManager has a exists(...) method :
            *public* *boolean* exists(T proxy) *throws* IllegalArgumentException
               // TODO Auto-generated method stub
               *return* *false*;
which you can use before calling the remove through the SessionManager. It would then be the responsibility of the SessionManager impl to check for the existence/absence of the instance associated with the session in the proxy.


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