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hello everyone,
    my usecase is like this , am building a student registration process using spring 2.5 and jbpm 4.0,
    first of user fills a initial form ,when he clicks a submit button process instance is started and it goes to mail node and
a mail is sended to student using mail node. now my execution comes in wait state where it waits untill a link is clicked by the student.
when user clicks the link he goes to the login page  and he has to complete two form contaning personal and educational detail.now my execution is wating in task node which is assigned to current student.
                                             now what i want is when student submits the final form it should come to next node which is again a mail node for sending welcome mail.
problem is what to do in task node whether i should write event listner in task node to call java method containig logic of saving form object in database or to use java node instead of task node?.
please help


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