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Author  : Flavio N.
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I have a problem with custom nodes.
I have a custom node which call execute method of MyClass (MyClass extends ActivityBehaviour).
I need to set a property of the class to use inside the method:
<custom class="sample.MyClass" name="MyClassNode">
  <property name="myObject">
     <object expr="#{my-object}" />

It appers the property is set correctly to my-object variable only the first time I run the process; following times the old (first) object is used; I test it and it never call again the property setter.
No difference using field instead of property: only the first time the value is set.
Is there any method to tell to the process to set field or property values EACH TIME the node is executed?
Obviously I can refer to the variable inside the method, but I need to call my class in different point of the process using different value of myObject and I can't have the name of the variabile hard-coded.
Thanx in advance


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