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Author  : Mike Cev
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I have read how to configure HA maneged connection factories as well as how to configure a data source to detect if connection is valid by useing:
  <check-valid-connection-sql>. Unfortunetly I am still running into issues. 
I have a data source configured in a following wat:
  <connection-property name="APPLICATIONNAME">${jbmyapplication</connection-property>
  <check-valid-connection-sql>select @@servername</check-valid-connection-sql> 
What happens is, the connection URL defined above is a DNS cname mapped to an IP address. When DB failover occurs, we switch the IP address for that DNS cname to our DR DB server's IP address. DB failover doesn't mean the database server is totally down. DB server can still be accesses but all accounts are locked. 
But even with <check-valid-connection-sql> defined, my old connections are still there. I would expect all of the old connections to be recycled but thats not the case.
Is there a way to clear all the connections in my datasource and recreate them with new URL?


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