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> alesj wrote:
>  It depends how and were things are cached.
This cache I'm talking about is one that is ScopedClassPool. It contains only the ctClasses created by that particular CP.
> alesj wrote:
> Since, of course you should be able to re-deploy things, while Classpool still reflect proper/actual state.Undeploy should evict related things from cache as well.
> Re-deploy is the only scenario I see as valid, that would change the structure/state.
If something is undeployed, isn't the ClassLoader simply "thrown away"? The same will happen to the CP.
Plus, if something is redeployed, isn't a new ClassLoader created for the new deployment? Since every CP is associated with a CL, we would hence have a new CP for that new CL, and the old cache would be automatically discarded.


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