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> I am sure that i am not doing it right. So is there a way wherein i can achieve what i am trying to do?
Not completely wrong, but not right either. :-)
Why it doesn't work is b/c you're dependant on the Deployers order.
And even if BMDDeployer kicked in eariler, it wouldn't be done right.
e.g. your DeployerB is used before BMDDeployer installs XYZ into Controller, but than XYZ' dependency might be missing
What you need to do is the following.
Instead of attaching BMD, you should simply install it into Controller -- with proper CL metadata, etc ...
Plus, add proper dependencies between underlying Deployment[Unit] and your new BMD's KernelControllerContext.
This way your deployment will only move into DeployerB once the XYZ' injection is satisified.
If you have problems hacking this, let me know, and I'll put together a quick prototype for you.


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