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+"When I sent mail across team most of them replied saying they had this  problem, "+
This is an interesting point. I assume that all of your PCs are configured to conform to your corporate networking rules, and if so then it could be something in your corporate PC environment that is causing this phenomenon. Which version of Windows are you using? Are you logged in as an administrator (your user account is in the Administrators group of your PC)? Which firewall of Internet security suite are you using?
Do you have a PC that is not in the corporate environment and does not have the standard corporate software installed? If so, have you run JBoss AS on that PC?
I ask all of this because the problem you have outlined is very unusual. Hence our insistence that most likely there is some other app using the port, but you are just not seeing it. Of course, the fact that when you change to another port it is the new port that gets the error sort of throws that theory out anyway. So it either has to be something internal (like Scott's possibility A) or in the operating system. I have personnally run JBoss AS on more systems than I care to count and have never run into the situation you have described. Sure I have run into port in use errors, but I always found some software using that port.


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