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I'm saying this feature is irrelevant to the problem.
Whether it can resolve circular references is a seperate issue for the dependency mechanism to spot.
The order in which you change the state of things shouldn't make a difference.
If A depends upon B which then depends upon A all at stage 1, it does not matter whether you do:
change(A, stage1);
change(A, stage2);
change(B, stage1);
change(B, stage2);
checkComplete(A, B);
change(A, stage1);
change(B, stage1);change(A, stage2);
change(B, stage2);
checkComplete(A, B);
The result should be the same.
If you add more checkComplete()s between the steps then obviously it is going to report an incomplete
deployment until A and B are both at stage1.
change(A, stage1);
checkComplete(A); // Oops, IncompleteDeploymentException - A depends B which is not in the correct state yet, so A is not at stage 1 either.


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