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I have updated the jsr330 branch and will merge to trunk once I have a added a few more tests. The kernel now supports the JSR 330 usage of @javax.inject.Inject, e.g.:
public class SomeBean
   @Inject @SomeQualifier Thing t;
   public SomeBean(@SomeQualifier Thing t){}
   public void setThingA(@SomeQualifier Thing t){}
   @Inject @SomeQualifier
   public void setThingB(Thing t){}
   public void installMethod(@SomeQualifier Thing t, @OtherQualifier Thing t2){}

If we have the following MC bean
public class MyBean{
   @Inject Thing t;
   @Weld @Inject Other o;

+t+ will be injected from the MC using contextual injection, while +o+ will be injected from Weld. This is done by maintaining a registry of annotations that should be ignored by the @Inject annotation plugins, so if the member also has one of those annotations (e.g. @Weld) we don't create the standard MC injection value metadata for it.
When creating the weld injection we create a weld AnnotatedType for the bean, for which there is a decorator that looks at the MDR metadata for the bean. I modified the getAnnotations(), isAnnotationPresent() and getAnnotation() methods to strip out the @Inject unless @Weld is also present, so that weld does not try to inject into those members.
To make an MC bean injectable into Weld it needs the @WeldEnabled annotation, e.g.:
If we have the following MC bean
public class McBeanForWeld{


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