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Wed Feb 24 23:25:38 EST 2010

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Author  : Jesper Pedersen
Profile : http://community.jboss.org/people/jesper.pedersen

I think that we should extract the validator code from deployers/ into its own module (validator/).
Then have only
* jboss-jca-deployers-fungal.jar
* jboss-jca-deployers-mc.jar
in deployers/.
The jboss-jca-validator-*.jar could then depend on jboss-jca-common-impl.jar as the annotation / metadata classes would move to the common/ module.
The validator should be refactored into org.jboss.jca.validator -- and sub-packages.
The validator/ module should of course be built before deployers/ - as the deployers would depend on it.
The validator/ module should have
* jboss-jca-validator.jar (framework)
* jboss-jca-validator-cli.jar (standalone)
* jboss-jca-validator-ant.jar (Ant task)
* jboss-jca-validator-maven.jar (Maven plugin)
Let me know what you think.


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