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> I assume that we need to handle JNDI binding connection factories that
> are serializable but don't implement Referenceable.  If anyone knows
> otherwise, please speak up.  For the serializable case, we will bind
> the CF directly to JNDI.
It is a requirement that a CF implements the javax.resource.Referenceable and java.io.Serializable - so that will always be the case. Hence the current instanceof check.
Dealing with resource adapters that doesn't implement this requirement could be something we could look at down the road - but ideally people should fix their code. That is why we have the validator.
> In either case, we will bind the CF under the jndi-name either specified
> in configuration or derived  from the resource adapter name (minus the
> ".rar").  We should look at any current JNDI naming conventions that
> might make sense to preserve.  It seems important to me that we bind
> under the expected name that applications will later use.
An idea could be to create a unique name for each CF, and then create an alias for the unique name that the user will use. That would allow us to move the primary names in the JNDI without having to change any user code. I thinking of java:/eis/, java:global, and other scenarios depending where the JCA container is deployed.
The key is to make it simple for users - a JNDI name should be optional, and in that case we would create an alias based on our default strategy, f.ex. java:/eis/resourceadapter as we have now.
Also we should consider how the deployment of the same resource adapter multiple times - under different names should work. Making the resource adapter archive name part of the unique name could be an idea - we can always use the metadata repository to search for information.
> At the very least, we should log (INFO level) the full jndi name that each CF is bound to.
> I also propose that we consider a logging configuration that controls
> what is logged/monitored in jboss-jca (e.g. whether to log jndi names, 
> datasource/cci operations, enable debug wrappers).  I'll write more
> about this if others like this idea.
That would be a requirement - currently discussed in TAG. David will probably have a lot of good ideas in near future.


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