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I do not think there should be anything wrong with the interface-removing part. You can verify this by printing the interface class names before and after you change them, if you need. I can think of 2 possibilities for the exception:
I would put my money on this one:
1. You are trying to modify a class that has already been loaded. This is not allowed by the JVM. You might have seen this thread in a forum that posts your same error: http://lists.jboss.org/pipermail/jboss-user/2009-March/152559.html. You might want to modify your class during load time in this case using a javaagent and classfiletransformer (or some other approach).
2. You might need a different context class loader to load the ContextBarItem class. The default CtClass.toClass() uses the context class loader of the current thread. You could use an overloaded Class:
public java.lang.Class *toClass*(java.lang.ClassLoader loader,
                               java.security.ProtectionDomain domain)

suppose the object of ContextBarItem class is myCBI,
Class newClass = cc.toClass(myCBI.getClass().getClassloader(), myCBI.getClass().getProtectionDomain());
Check out http://www.csg.is.titech.ac.jp/~chiba/javassist/tutorial/tutorial.html#toclass and Javassist API for more details. I'm not too clear on these concepts either.


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