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> From what I can see in the example unit test this creates a new instance of the specified java class (JavaService) when the process executes, in fact if you call the method twice it creates the object twice.
Correct, that is the behaviour. The default service type in BPMN2.0 (http://www.omg.org/spec/BPMN/2.0/) is 'webservice'  (you can see the high BPEL type overhead here). What the behaviour of services should be is not explicitly mentioned in the spec afaik (did not look at it lately) but webservices are mostly stateless, as are java services (tasks) in jPDL, so it is not strange that they are to be seen as stateless.
>  Surely a service is more likely to have a lifecycle external to the process?
No, not in this scope. That is more going towards orchestrations or conversations in BPMN
> How can I 'inject' a prexisting service instance into the process?
Injecting them is not possible (yet?) but resolving classes, variables etc like in jPDL will probably be implemented one way or another in the future. More flexibility will be achieved then
> Specifically is it possible to access externally defined spring beans?

No, not afaik, but see the answer to the previous question.


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