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> vickyk wrote:
> Well I understand that you have scoped EAR, so what you could do here is have multiple EAR's like plainear.ear and rarear.ear. Both of these ear's should be isolated and share the same CL, this can be controlled via the jboss-app.xml in EAR. The loader-repository entry in the plainear.ear/META-INF/jboss-app.xml and rarear.ear/META-INF/jboss-app.xml should have similar entry.
> You can give it a try and let us know if that sorts the issue.
Unfortunately, this did not really solve the issue for me. My main objective was to bundle the RAR file inside the EAR without having to hard-code the EAR's name anywhere. I still wasn't able to achieve this, although it might well be me still doing it wrong. Anyway, we now opted to deploy the RAR seprately after all. Thanks again for you support!


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