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Author  : Cody Lerum
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I just upgraded to 3.1 CR2 for my seam ear project and for the first time enabled JSF and validated the syntax of my project.
I got everything cleaned up except for static methods in EL
for example I have
a seam POJO
public class SearchTools
   public static String getClassName(Object object)
         return object.getClass().getSuperclass().getSimpleName();
         return object.getClass().getSimpleName();

which is called by 
 <h:outputText value="Organization" rendered="#{searchTools.getClassName(result) == 'Organization'}" />

This code works fine but it throws a warning "getClassName" cannot be resolved" and autocomplete doesn't work.
This same problem happens when using seams 
<h:outputText value="#{_invoiceLineItem.dateServiceEnd.time}">
     <s:convertDateTime type="date" pattern="MM/dd/yyyy" timeZone="#{timeZone.getTimeZone('GMT')}"/>                                      

The code works fine but since getTimeZone is a static method on java.util.Timezone (timeZone is a builtin seam component)
Any ideas? AFAIK this wasn't working in CR1 either.


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