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Author  : John Bailey
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Below is a discussion Ales and I had over email....
> Mainly, when a VFSClassLoaderPolicy is created outside the deployer
> framework (ex. JMXKernel), how do we make sure the archives are
> mounted and who is responsible for their cleanup?  Right now there is
> a hack that will ensure the archives are mounted, but will leak the
> reference to the mount.  In this case it seems like the creator of
> the policy should really be responsible for the handling of the
> references, and the policy should not be aware.  Any thoughts?
> Currently VFSCLPolicy can be created two ways:
> (a) from deployers
> (b) from <classloader> element
> For (a) we should already taken care of its archives via structural deployers.
> With (b) policy is created via bean which is a Module which creates the policy.
> So, in that case, I would just add create and destroy methods to this Module bean, where we would mount and unmount via bean's lifecycle callbacks.
> For any other usage the user should be aware of how to properly use VFS3.


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