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Thu Jan 7 12:39:32 EST 2010

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Author  : Denis Golovin
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> DartPeng wrote:
> I don't think the MANIFEST.MF in CR2 was wrong , it just append some additional export package.
That's the reason  if you've changed something in plug-in you have to change a version to get it picked up after update. In general build system adds qualifier to the version but this smooks.runtime plug-in is excluded from version update because it was going to have the same version as included smooks jars.
So question is if this plug-in is going to have changes in future it have to be included in qualifier generation process or you have to remember to update version every time you change something in it.
> DartPeng wrote:
> I test the nightly building on windows xp , but it work well.
> Tom has tested it on OS X , it doesn't happen too
It works in nightly builds only because it does the clean install of all plug-ins.
> DartPeng wrote:
> Maybe we need to wait for the next nightlybuilding and test it again,
Next build is not going to change anything unless we fix it in plug-in manifest or in smooks builder.


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