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Author  : Sudeep Mahorker
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Hi , i am new to jboss. I am trying to deploy jboss pojo cache 3.0 on jboss 5.1.
When i am trying to attach the object to pojo cache, it is throwing error as object need to be serialized or instrumented.
i am using @Replicable annotation over my persisitence object. In my build.xml i am trying to instrument object using pojocache-aop.xml and javassist. here is the build.xml i am using. My object is not instrumenting correctly. @ Replicable annotation is not working properly.
Here i am attaching pojocache-aop.xml.

<target name="war" depends="compile">  
        <java classname="com.test.pojo.Vehicle" fork="true" >
                     <jvmarg value="-Xmx128M"/>
                     <jvmarg value="-javaagent:WebContent/WEB-INF/lib/jboss-aop.jar"/>
                     <jvmarg value="-Djboss.aop.path=WebContent/META-INF/pojocache-aop.xml"/>
                     <classpath refid="compile.classpath"/>       
                     <classpath path="build/classes" /> 
        <war destfile="dist/Cache.war" webxml="WebContent/WEB-INF/web.xml">
            <fileset dir="WebContent"/>
            <lib dir="WebContent/WEB-INF/lib"/>
            <classes dir="build/classes"/>
Can anyone pls help me out ?


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