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I have been working with JBPM4 for a while now and have a perfectly usable installation of it running but would like to utilize some of the j2ee features (EJB Timers and the EJB Command Executor) and can't seem to find any documentation on setting this up. Currently I am using JBPM 4.1 but could upgrade if it would resolve some of the problems that I am running into.
Just as a little back ground the structure of the Enterprise application I am working with uses jBPM4 embeded in the ear
  |--jbpm4 enterprise jar
  |--jbpm4 service archive (this is on jboss)
   --other j2ee components of the application
I have looked through the source code and picked around as best I could to see that there are settings for using the EJBs provided but thing I try and do seems to get the EJBs working.
First there is a "target" attribute on the timer-session wire binding, but this reference what appears to be a non-existant class (org.jbpm.enterprise.internal.ejb.EnterpriseTimerSession).
I also tried replacing the timer-session binding with the ejb-timer-session binding, and although the ejb is clearly in the jndi tree on the jboss server, jbpm is throwing the following exception when trying to initialize the EjbTimerSession:
org.jbpm.pvm.internal.wire.WireException: couldn't initialize object 'org.jbpm.enterprise.internal.ejb.EjbTimerSession': couldn't lookup 'java:comp/env/ejb/LocalTimer' from the initial context
If anyone can provide me any assistance on getting JBPM4 set up to utilize the provided EJBs I would really appriciate it.


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