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> mailto:bill.burke at jboss.com wrote:
> JAX-RS needs to scan for EJBs within a WAR that might expose JAX-RS endpoints.  Right now, EJBs are in the same DU as the WAR.  The question I have is, what happens when EJBs become a child DU of the WAR?  I need to scan EJB metadata and then, if it has JAX-RS metadata, modify JBossWebMetaData.
> Are DUs deployed inner-most first?
Why would the EJBs be in a child DU? WARs don't have child DUs. See WARStructure.
WEB-INF/lib/*.jar are not subdeployments they are just part of the WAR's classpath.
To answer your last quest (probably redundant?), you can decide what order the DUs are passed to your deployer, see
Deployer::isParentFirst() which returns true by default from AbstractDeployer.


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