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+Hello All,+
+I was trying to getInterfaces() of a CtClass object during load time but I keep getting exceptions of this format+
java.lang.RuntimeException: cannot find oracle/jdbc/driver/TypeCopyingBinder: oracle.jdbc.driver.TypeCopyingBinder found in oracle/jdbc/driver/TypeCopyingBinder.class
java.lang.RuntimeException: cannot find oracle/jdbc/driver/BINARY_DOUBLENullBinder: oracle.jdbc.driver.BINARY_DOUBLENullBinder found in oracle/jdbc/driver/BINARY_DOUBLENullBinder.class
+I tried to insert some classpaths to the classpool but I don't know if that worked or if it can be of any use to solve this problem. Does this have anything to do with the interface implementation classes being loaded by different class loaders or through different class pools? If so, how can I find out and get CtClass'es of them?+ 
+Please help. Thanks+


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