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Author  : MK Song
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Hello, I would like to ask a question about the usage of pre-defined JBoss AOP security library.
To test it, I wrote a source code which includes a pre-defined annotation and a user-defined annotation: Permissions and Roles.
However, I got run-time-error attached. And I also attached the project-zip-file.
package bank;
import org.jboss.aspects.security.Permissions;
import org.jboss.aspects.security.SecurityDomain;;

*@SecurityDomain ("other")*
public class BankAccount 
   int accountNumber;
   int balance;
   public int getAccountNumber() {
      return accountNumber; 
   public int getBalance() {
      return balance;

   *@Permissions ({"AuthorizedUser"})      // org.jboss.aspects.security.Permissions*
   public void setAccountNumber(int accountNumber) {
    System.out.println("*** [success] : setAccountNumber");
      this.accountNumber = accountNumber; 

   *@Roles(roles= {"admin"})     // bank.Roles*
   public void setBalance(int balance) {
    System.out.println("*** [success] : setBalance");
      this.balance = balance;


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