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No, WSRP is a protocol created for reuse the same portlet in different portal instances, you can remotely deploy portlets.
I mean that, For instance, Alfresco provides you an engine to expose its own scripts as portlets, so in this way you can create your own Alfresco portlet instance based on your custom scripts.
Other products provides you some portlets to declare and instance in your portal in a easy way.
However, if you want to use a product that doesn't provide any portlet, you can implement your own standard portlet (JSR-286) remotely calling your CMS using one of the APIs exposed by the product.
Tipically you can use in a Enterprise CMS a REST or a Web Services API that allows you to perform operations.
Now if your product support CMIS, I suggest you to use this new standard dedicated to repositories.
Hope this helps. 


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