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Author  : Dave Palmer
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having a bit of a problem getting a web service to work. (using jboss as 5.0.1 ga on mac os x)
i have a simple pojo, with the @WebService annotion, and a very simple method annotated with the @WebMethod annotation. my web.xml simply defines a servlet who's class points to my pojo (as per the specification for jax-ws)
now, when i go to deploy the war, jboss deploys it, but the endpoint is never rigistered, and i never see the console output that the wsdl is being published. my console simply ends with:
16:16:56,507 INFO  TomcatDeployment deploy, ctxPath=/my-war
i've been all over google, but my google-fu is failing me here. i can't seem to figure out what would be preventing jboss from identifying this as a web service.
my implementation class:
import javax.jws.WebMethod;import javax.jws.WebService;
@WebServicepublic class TestService {        @WebMethod    public String echo (String message) {        return "I was told to tell you this: " + message;    }}
my web.xml:
i am most likely doing something dumb, and i'm really tired and blah blah, i just can't see it. so, anyone see what i'm missing?


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