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Author  : Mohit Anchlia
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We use tibco ems and Jboss 4.2 CP 6. For the queues in question:
1. Every onMessage calls take around 10-20ms.
2. According to the stats we should be able to process around 50 messages per sec. worst case.
3. But we are only able to do 15 messages per sec.
So there is a delay and messages are not being sent. It gets worse as load increases. CPU on tibco ems server is only 96% idle and no iowaits. CPU on Jboss server is around 90% idle. It looks like a performance issue with Jboss fetching the messages. I have also tried setting "prefetch" in tibco ems. It looks like Jboss is slow when dequeing messages for singletons. Even though MDB is available it doesn't get message fast enough.
Could someone please help me performance tuning or where the issue might be.
We tried using JBossJMSMessageEndpointFactory and have followed what's in http://community.jboss.org/docs/DOC-10104 with no success.


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