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Hi everybody,
i'm trying to migrate my process from 3.2.1 to 4.3;
In jbpm 3.1.2 i had an action on a transition that send an email with the current task ID in its body;
now in jbpm 4.3 i have this task:
 <task assignee="peter" form="review.ftl" g="241,85,80,40" name="readyToStart">
      <on event="start">
    <event-listener class="com.jbpm.utils.test">     
      <transition g="-43,-18" name="to fork1" to="task1"/>
and in the class test:
public class test implements EventListener{
    public void notify(EventListenerExecution execution) throws Exception {
    ProcessEngine eng=    Configuration.getProcessEngine();
    String process=execution.getProcessInstance().getId();
        Task t=eng.getTaskService().createTaskQuery().processInstanceId(process).uniqueResult();
but the task-id is not the "current task"-id but the previous task-id.
It seems that the eventlistener is fired before that in the database the current Task is updated ,
so i get the previous task-id.
There is a way to get the task-id of the current task?


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