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First approach I suggested above is for browsing sources in jars inside JBoss AS Classpath Container. I found better way to configure sources lookup for server during debug session:
1. Create JBoss AS Runtime and Server
2. Deploy your application on that server
3. Create breakpoint somewhere inside your code that is going to be called by JBoss AS
4. Start server from step 3 in Debug mode
5. Open Debug View and invoke "Edit Source Lookup Path" dialog for server through "Edit Source Lookup..." Item in popup menu
In opened Dialog (see image below) press "Add" button
 Then select File System Directory type and press Ok.
Point to root folder for JBoss AS sources and Do not forget to select "Search subfolders"
Finish all opened fialog by pressing "Ok"
6. Try to open your application in browse.
7. When you make got to breakpoint eclipse will be able to search JBoss AS sources in path you configured on step 5.


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