[jboss-user] getting rid of ssl authentication asked by second server in load balanced mode...

Neha Mehta Neha.Mehta at lntinfotech.com
Fri Jan 15 04:06:45 EST 2010


I have successfully load balanced jboss (version 4.2.2) servers using apache http server(version 2.2).
But when the load balancer switches client request from one server to another(as they are in load balanced mode), the second server also asks for ssl authentication and relogin. Say client has placed a request that is served by server1. SSL authentication is done by the server.Then again when client requests, within the same browser session the load balancer redirects the request to server2, now server2 asks for ssl authentication again. I want to get rid of this ssl authentication, the second time. Once both the servers get ssl authentication, then switching of requests between both the servers and session replication is being handled properly.
Is there any way, that the second server does not ask for ssl authentication,when request for the same client are being served by both the servers in load balanced mode???

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Neha Mehta
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