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 Hi Jaikiran, I appreciate the time you spent on this issues. 
> *  META-INF of a jar file in the root of the EAR
This is how I had the ear in the first place and it didn't work.
If you look at my first post on this discussion the persistence.xml file was located in the META-INF folder of the myseammodule.jar which was located in the root of the ear (also this jar was specified as an ejb module in application.xml). In this case extejbmodule.jar didn't have access to the persistence unit.
> *  META-INF of a jar file in the EAR library directory
> http://community.jboss.org/message/520279#520279
I still have to try this option but right now I encountered another scoping problem. The extejbmodule.jar (from my first post) has a stateless bean defined like this:
@Stateless(name="Server", mappedName="myapp/Server/local")

In the seam's components.xml file I have defined the server component like this:
    <component name="server" auto-create="true"
              scope="event" jndi-name="myapp/Server/local"

But when I try to inject the component into a seam bean:
@In Server server;

it throws:
javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Server not bound
In debug, it fails when it tries to lookup the "myapp/Server/local" jndi name. This was not a problem in JBOSS 4.2.3 so it must be also related to the new scoping where entities from one module are not visible to the others.
Any ideas?


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