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Jboss jBPM 3.1.2
 I have set up a validation workflow since 2006 for my client and now we have performances problems .
 The workflow is used by an object called TICKET.
Today we have 3900 TICKETS in the database.
For one TICKET there is 32 validation nodes.
In my database I have approximately 62.000 entries in my "taskinstance" table.
Actually there are 400 TICKETS in use, the others are either closed or cancelled.
In the process definition the TICKET never goes to endState even if cancelled or closed. The enState exists in the diagram, but is never triggered.
 Performances problems are encountered when we add a new TICKET (createProcessInstance) or when we validate the TICKET (performTransition).
 My first question : If all cancelled and closed TICKETS are triggered to endState, will I gain performance. And if I do, how should I proceed to push a selection of TICKETS to endState ?
 My second question : If I wish to drop TICKETS created in a year, how can I delete the related JBPM data from the database ?
Please find here under the Process Definition.
Siri Douqué


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