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I have been doing some diggin on JBW to see if it is still doing a copy.  I can find no instance of JBW making a copy of directories.  I only see a reference to making an exploded copy of web archive files using VFSUtils.unjar(root) in https://svn.jboss.org/repos/jbossas/trunk/server/src/main/java/org/jboss/web/deployers/AbstractWarDeployer.java

With this is mind, I am not sure the StructureModificationChecker really helps much since the only copies are from unjared web archives, the modification check only makes sense against the original war file, and if it has been modified, the whole works would need to be unjared again. So there wouldn't be any file by file changes to sync.

I did some further digging on the use of ModificationType and ModificationActions.  Outside of tests I do not see any usage of custom modification types/actions for any deployers.  Is this still in use?  Can it be cleaned up?


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