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Author  : Roland Asmann
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Hi all,
I was wondering if I could somehow get my hands on a list of the libraries and their versions in AS 4.0.5.GA.
I have a project, created by a colleague, that uses the AS-dir to reference libraries. The project has been configured to use maven, and the libs are referenced using the system-scope. However, we are trying to get rid of the necessity to have an AS installed when building the project. Now, I can go about this two ways (AFAIK):
1) deploy all the referenced libs to our company's repository
2) try to figure out what the groupId, artifactId and version for the references libs are and download them on demand from an internet repository
I'd prefer the second solution, but unfortunately not all libs are as easy to figure out.
So, is there a way to figure out which libs are in a specific JBoss release?
If somebody knows of another (easier) solution, I'm open to any and all suggestions!


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